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Natalie Davenport

Hello! My name is Natalie and I'm a facilitator, organizer, and coach for participants in building a new world. My approach is grounded in mutual aid and collective liberation- knowing that the work we have ahead is only possible through supported and intentional, joyous, sustained action.I stand on the shoulders of giants. Rooted in what I have learned from queer Black feminist, anti-capitalist, and abolitionists teachers I know that I have much more to learn and unlearn. My approach is not for everyone and I honor the diversity of approaches needed in building the new world.
I'm currently LOVING supporting others to explore their deepest truest weirdest most sparkly vision for their own life or organization/business.
Here's my 2023 busines vision if you're curious!

Current Offerings


What is Coaching?

- Connect to what is most important for you so you can work from there, rather than from the stories you've been given- Support for you while you navigate the gap betweeen where you are and where you want to be- Moving past the familiar stories that have stopped you or made it harder than it needs to be- Practice working with simple yet impactful new tools- Slowing down to listen to your most true and beautiful self, and then celebrate when you take action from that place

"Working with Natalie is the best! She helped me find clarity on my goals, bring intention to how I can show up in my everyday action aligned with my values and the change I hope to see in the world, and get out of my head and more in touch with my embodied self. I carry many takeaways from our sessions together into my day-to-day life and feel able to much more quickly check in with my vision, trust my instincts, and remember to celebrate the positives more often." - Elle

My clients are all:Expanding their sense of what is possible
Working in relationships built on trust
Anti-authoratarian and in search of answering to themselves
Practicing being in right relationship to the world
Incorporating their creative practices into building a meaningful life.
I love to work with activists, organizers, and participants in building the new world who want to recognize and act on their self determination in order to increase their capacity for joy in their organizing and relationships.

I was referred to Natalie by a friend who recommended her to help me deal with some issues I was having during the pandemic. After a few consultations I elected to contract regular coaching sessions over the next many months after breaking through the walls that I kept running in to.
The experiences that we shared strongly shaped not only my well being during that time but formed strong guidelines that stay with me each day. Most apparent is the confidence that I have gained while embarking on a national tour with my band and navigating many interpersonal challenges while also commencing a new job opportunity managing a department at my place of work. She is a great resource to give you the extra push that you need to give it your all and be present, supportive and supported. Thank you Natalie! - Wyatt

One on One Support

Free Discovery Session - Schedule a free discovery session to gain clarity around your next steps, whether it's working with me or not. We will explore if it is a fit to work together and answer any questions you might have.Rates- Choose the tier that is a stretch but not a hardship:$400/month if you are financially flourishing$250/month if you are living comfortably$150/month if it’s a stretch to be investingNot sure what rate works for you? Check out my rates guide to help you make the best choice based on your needs, values, and experiences. I trust you know what tier is best for you.
*From Each According to Ability and To Each Based on Need *
Scheduling - Easy to use online scheduling. If you can't find a time that fits with your schedule, message me and I can open up more time slots.

One on One Support

Coaching Package - A 6 month contract provides you 12 sessions (often used as 2 per month, but not always) giving time to build foundations and experience the transformational affects of coaching.
A great place to start and at the end of 6 months we will evaluate if you would like to renew!
Visioning Sessions - Sessions to get started with your vision for your life, your activism, your business, your creative project. A great place for starting or expanding your vision or starting the process of putting your vision into practice with questions like "how do I live into this?". Individual session scheduled as needed.

"I decided to work with Natalie because I felt aimless, purposeless, and stuck. I didn't know how to set and accomplish short-term goals (let alone long-term goals), and I was tired of "sort of" having an idea for a project and then quickly discarding it when I felt discouraged, uncertain, or overwhelmed. I walked into these sessions with the intent to "fix" myself -- and I am immeasurably grateful to Natalie for helping me discover a different intention, one rooted in accepting, loving, and trusting myself.Natalie helped me acknowledge that I was putting all my energy into changing myself and then taught me new skills to help refocus that energy. She offered the space & tools to re-examine my relationship with my anxiety, fears, & self-doubt. And her emphasis on not just acknowledging but celebrating my strengths and successes encouraged me to do the same. Natalie's patience, thoughtfulness, and gentle approach allowed me the freedom to measure my success and rebuild my relationship with myself. The tools she provided to help me be confident in myself & my ability to accomplish goals have been invaluable. I can't thank Natalie enough!" - Sam K.

My Vision for Economic Justice

I'm always learning more and expanding my vision for economic justice as a small business owner. In addition to my equity sliding scale pricing I also donate 7% of my monthly taxable income to mutual aid requests - prioritizing disabled, Black, trans, and other marginalized people in our communities. If you're curious about accountability to this promise I'm happy to share more!

Previous Offerings

More about me

I have been in movement work for the last 12 years, starting with envirnomental organzing and direct action campaigns. Much of my early activism came from a place of anger and grief for the world I was promised and would never have. I learned a lot and have much to be grateful for in these early years of leading trainings and facilitating meeting and nurturing relationships. Eventually I burnt out and needed a break from the constant doing and the feeling that something was off or missing.
From years of experience in direct action and community building it was clear to me that we are more powerful agents of change when we are rooted in compassion and healing. I studied Ayurvedic cooking at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts and I am certified to teach mindfulness to children through Mindful Schools. I studied coaching with The Academy for Coaching Excellence and see the transformative impact of harnessing our power, telling the truth, and having a community of support to take action on big ideas.
On my own journey working for justice I have been deeply supported by groups and individuals who have kept me aligned to who I am in the face of uncertainty, and am honored to be creating a space for that kind of support for you.When I’m not designing and leading groups I am hiking with my dog, in the sun with a book, swimming or floating in a body of water, or preparing and sharing food. I also spend a lot of time mending clothes and glueing scraps of paper together. I organized locally in Boise in an inspiring affinity group that embodies my values of action and compassion in support, healing, growth, and accountability and I’m humbled to be learning and bring those experiences to the rest of my work. Since leaving Boise I've been visiting friends and family and finding new ways to contribute to community. I'm currently located (and LOVING!) Ashland, WI.

If you're a fellow coach, facilitator, change maker and looking to connect I would love to connect with you for virtual coffee. Relationships are a big part of my theory of change and I'd rather be in conversation than only follow each other on social media or admire from afar. If anything on here has spoken to you please get in touch!

Interested in Coaching? Schedule a free discovery session to see how coaching might benefit you.

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